There’s nothing quite as beautiful as the look and feel of natural stone. Whether you’re building a patio, outdoor retaining walls, or even the walls of your home itself, building stone can offer elegance, beauty and tremendous durability. There are many types of stone out there, which not necessarily all well-suited for your project. How do you choose the right type of stone for your needs?


When you think about building stone, the chances are good that you immediately picture flagstone.It is the traditional choice for everything from interior flooring to patios to pathways and more. Flagstone is available in a wide range of colors, and piece shapes. It’s more commonly light in color (brown, red, beige and gray), but it can also be found in dark gray and blue-ish colors. It can also be cut if you want a more uniform look, rather than a jagged, natural look.


Slate has been used for building since time out of mind. It’s one of the most common options for very high-end roofing projects, but it can also be used for flooring in or around your home, and it can even double as flagstone. Slate is generally dark in color and has a very fine, smooth grain that many people find quite appealing.


Limestone is a pale building stone that is formed from the remains of shellfish. Limestone is a relatively soft type of stone, but it works very well for outdoor applications like patios, pathways, and even outdoor walls. It can be used just as easily for flooring indoors, and may also make a good choice for walls and countertops.


Bluestone is, well, blue. It’s similar to slate in many ways and is used for many of the same applications. It’s highly durable, can be cut to suit specific design needs, and offers many other benefits.

Finding the Right Building Stone

We’ve covered just a few of the options available to you when it comes to stone for building and construction needs. The key is to find the right New Jersey stone supplier capable of offering not just the stone type you want, but the right price for your building supplies, and delivery to your construction site, as well. We invite you to get in touch with us at Business Name.