There are many types and methods of removing waste from a business, construction site or community building and one of the most popular and affordable ways is to rent a dumpster in Atlanta. Whether you are a restaurant that needs to dispose of left-over food waste, or a construction site that is demolishing a building or constructing a new one, people have many uses for a dumpster in Atlanta. However, the one thing that most business owners or contractors who need to rent a dumpster might not be aware of is certain hurdles that exist in working with any types of dumpsters. In order to simplify the process and help you understand any potential issues you might have in your search for dumpster rentals, here are a few things to consider prior to beginning your search for a dumpster in Atlanta.

Weight of the Debris

There are many laws from the local level all the way to State and Federal mandates which a dumpster company needs to comply with. One of the most commonly enforced laws has to do with the total weight that a dump truck can carry at one time. When you are on a job site and your contractors are disposing of waste, the thought of how much weight is being put into each receptacle is often not on their mind. But, since the person renting the dumpster is responsible for the materials that enter each dumpster, this should cross your mind.

The restrictions of weight that a truck can carry were originally intended to be a safety incentive for drivers of these trucks; however there are other concerns as well. The safety of other people on the road is also a consideration since excess weight on a vehicle can hinder the trucks ability to stop effectively. It is for this purpose that the regulations and fines exist. Each person who rents a dumpster should always ensure to keep a few things in mind when beginning to deposit debris into every dumpster they rent:

* Limit the size of your dumpster when you are disposing of heavy construction materials. This is important since materials like bricks, concrete and asphalt are very dense and heavy. The more space there is to load the dumpster, the heavier it will become. The problem with loading up a large dumpster is that if the load is too heavy, the driver simply will not be able to remove the dumpster. The responsibility for removing excess weight falls on the person or company who rented the dumpster. And since this would be a tremendous waste of time and money, the best course of action is to rent smaller dumpsters when you are using these types of materials.

* Limit the amount of material you place in each dumpster. A good rule of thumb is to make sure not to load the dumpster above ‘the water line’ which traditionally is about 5-7 inches below the dumpster rim. This will reduce the chances of waste falling off the dumpster and onto traffic. Again, a safety concern and regulation that needs to be complied with by both the contractor who rented the dumpster and the dumpster removal company.

When you follow these two simple steps, using a dumpster in Atlanta becomes much safer, easier and cost effective.

Finding a dumpster in Atlanta is simple; however knowing how to properly use one is where many people can get into financial and legal problems.