When it comes to finding assisted living in Wichita KS, you have to be careful which facility you put your loved one into. While most facilities are above board and care for their patients, there are the select few that abuse their elderly patients. Here are some tips for choosing an assisted living facility for your elderly parents.

Follow Your Nose

When searching for Assisted Living in Wichita KS, you want to look past the furniture and examine the baseboards, windows, and corners of the building. If the place smells like disinfectant but has an underlying odor of something that is unpleasant, then you will want to look further into the problem. If the facility refuses to let you into every area of the place, then you can be sure that they are hiding something, and you will need to hunt for another facility to leave your loved one in.

Visit During the Busy Time

You don’t want to visit during a time of day that the residents are napping. Make sure that your visit is scheduled during activity time, so that you can see how the staff interacts with the residents. Seeing how they treat the residents will go a long way towards helping you make your decision. If you see that the residents seem uncomfortable, and the staff seems overburdened, then seeking other facilities is your best option.

Visit the Outdoor Areas

Make sure to visit the outdoor areas of the facility when you are touring. Make sure that the place feels safe and secure, so that you do not worry about leaving your loved one there. Everyone loves to be outside on a sunny day; your loved one is no exception and should be allowed to be in a nice area.

These are just a few tips to help you find the right assisted living facility for your loved one. From visiting the outdoor areas to visiting during the busy time, you can be sure that the center is right by following these tips. Visit Dove Dove Estates of Kansas for more information to help you make a decision today.