The vast majority of cataract surgeries are short and devoid of complications provided the patients are in good health and don’t have other serious eye problems. Cataract Eye Surgery in Appleton WI can provide patients with sharper vision and remove the potential for further vision deterioration. Although this surgery is generally quite short and straightforward, it’s essential that patients take a few steps to ensure a quick and successful recovery.

Avoid Heavy Lifting

Doctors suggest avoiding strenuous activities and work that requires heavy lifting for several weeks following a Cataract Eye Surgery in Appleton WI. It’s also best that patients avoid bending over, as this can also place extra pressure on their eyes and cause complications with the healing process.

Avoiding Irritants

It’s essential that patients not expose their eyes to irritants for at least a few weeks following their surgeries. This can be a challenge outdoors, where there is no way to control dust, grime, and wind. Some patients wear sunglasses or another form of protection when they leave their homes for several weeks after their surgeries to help avoid these issues.

Reduce Infection Risk

Do not rub the eyes following surgery, and be careful when walking around not to bump into objects. It’s also essential to avoid swimming and the use of hot tubs for at least one week after the surgery has been completed to reduce the patient’s risk of contracting an eye infection.

Apply Eye Drops Carefully

Most patients will be prescribed antibiotic and anti-inflammatory eye drops to reduce internal inflammation and offer an extra level of protection against infection. These drops must be used several times each day for about a week following the surgery, though doctors recommend that some patients continue using them for at least a few weeks to a month. It’s essential that these eye drops be used exactly as prescribed and that patients avoid touching the droppers to the surface of their eyes.

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