Tips for Picking Out the Right Canopy

by | Jul 12, 2016 | Outdoor Accessories

With the right tips, it’s easy to buy the right outdoor canopy or shelter for your needs. Here are just a few:

Lightweight for parties

How durable do you want your canopy to be? If you’re planning an outdoor event, then opting for a lightweight canopy should be enough to provide for your needs. It’ll be perfect for a camping trip or a birthday party celebration. Just skip the walls in warmer weather, though, or it’ll get hot and muggy inside in no time. You would want to leave your guests sweaty and uncomfortable after all.

Heavy duty for outdoor shelter

If you’re looking for canopies you can use in the long-term, then heavy-duty canopies are ideal. If you haven’t got a garage and the only thing that stands between your car and the elements is a think car cover, it won’t be long before your car gets pockmarked by hail, sun and rain. However, these canopies can save the day for you, providing you with a portable car port that should only take you a few hours to assemble.


What kind of frame do you want: steel or aluminum? Aluminum is lightweight so it’s more portable and easier to pack along. If you’re on the go or have a business that requires you to spend time in bazaars and flea markets, setting up shop is easy if you have a lightweight commercial canopy with you, says Craft Professional.


If you want your canopy to last, go for sturdy steel instead. It stands up to a lot of rough use. Designed for strength and durability, strong winds and rains won’t matter if this is the kind of frame material your canopy has got. So if you need a car port or if you want to put out an outdoor shelter in your garden, then go for aluminum frames to go with your heavy duty canopies.

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