From antiques that don’t go with the rest of the home’s décor to family heirlooms, furniture can easily create clutter. However, Furniture Storage Units in Waipahu allow families to keep precious items while de-cluttering the home. Below are four of the most important ways to prepare furniture for long-term storage.

Prepare and Clean

Before storing furniture, each item should be thoroughly cleaned. Start by wiping everything down with a fresh, clean cloth, and use cleaners that are appropriate for the material type. Allow items to dry completely to prevent discoloration during storage.

Take Things Apart for Simpler Transport

Larger items such as couches, tables, beds and dressers can be disassembled for easier transportation. For instance, legs can be removed from dressers, sofas and tables, and planks can be removed from bed frames. Pieces should be grouped, wrapped and labeled for better organization.

Protect and Cover

After the family has readied its furniture for storage, it’s important to protect it. Bubble wrap can be used on easily breakable items such as framed artwork, lamps, mirrors, and chairs. Generally, plastic tarps should be avoided as they can cause unpleasant odors and compensation. Rather, owners can use blankets, sheets and drop cloths to allow air to circulate while keeping dust away.

Have a Strategic Storage Plan

To maximize available space, many people cram things in haphazardly. However, poor furniture storage can cause harmful consequences. By leaving spaces in between delicate items, owners can allow free air flow and reduce the risk of additional damage to items during removal.

Save Storage Space Without Making Sacrifices

It’s not necessary to sell or give away the family’s furniture because of space constraints. With proper Furniture Storage Units in Waipahu, area families can keep all their important items even if they don’t have space in the home. With climate controls and other features, self-storage units can help owners maintain the condition of furniture over time. By following the tips listed here, owners can ensure that their items are ready for immediate retrieval and usage at any time. For more information or to rent a unit, Visit Hawaii Self Storage.