Have you ever wondered how to do landscape lighting the right way? After all, landscape lighting can add both a unique charm to your walkway, while also making it safer to walk along at night. Read on to learn some helpful tips.

Disperse Your Sources of Light
When lighting your yard, don’t overdo it. Disperse the lighting in your yard for the best look. Additionally, you don’t want to blind yourself or your guests with ‘light pollution.’ This happens when the outdoor lights leak into the house and overstimulate your eyes.

Avoid Placing Your Lights in a Straight Line
This adds absolutely no visual interest, so avoid this bland design when laying down path lights. Instead, opt for a more creative idea — stagger the lights or use lights to highlight the best spots in your garden for a more exciting look.

Consider Solar-Powered Lights
If you’d like to save some money on your energy bill, consider solar-powered lights for your patio and walkway. They can also help you lower your carbon footprint if you’re interested in helping the Earth.

Looking for Pros in Landscape Lighting in Alpharetta, GA?
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