Tips on Finding Multi-Bedroom Student Housing in Harrisonburg

by | May 17, 2023 | student Housing Center

If you are investigating James Madison University off-campus housing, you might be surprised to learn that there are apartment complexes that offer five-bedroom units. These buildings also have two-, three-, and four-bedroom setups. As you explore your options, be sure to take note of the amenities. Some apartments that cater to college students offer 24-hour gyms, swimming pools, and clubhouses. If you want to bring your pet, there are accommodations for you too.

Five Bedrooms

One of the main benefits of opting for five bedrooms is the cost. Many designers have built these so that a majority of the bedrooms are on the second floor. The ground-floor bedrooms are handy for students that have irregular schedules. If you are going to have roommates, ask the property manager if they offer per-person contracts. This agreement means you will only be responsible for your portion of the rent even if your housemates leave.

Four Bedrooms

It is not uncommon to find four bedrooms with four bathrooms. These are typically two-story units also. They can have balconies and porches as well as in-unit washers and dryers. If you need help finding roommates, some property managers will also pair you with other students who are looking to share space.

Common Areas

While apartment shopping, take the time to stroll the common grounds. Some extras that you can find are barbecue pits and study halls. Having common gathering areas is essential when you need to take a break or want to socialize with other tenants or guests. For more information about James Madison University off-campus housing with these features, visit Redpoint Harrisonburg at

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