If you live in the Chicago area and suspect your car or truck is having transmission trouble, the last thing you should do is take it to the first mechanic that you find in the Yellow Pages or pops up on an internet search engine.

It would be fair to say that transmission repair is something of an art. One thing’s for sure: Not all transmission repair service providers are created equal!

Just ask a company that owns a big fleet of vehicles that logs thousands of miles a day. Such operations tend to use transmission repair services far more often than the average person. That means they have vast experience in dealing with transmission shops in Chicago.

The moral of the story? If you want a truly good recommendation for an excellent, competent and trustworthy transmission repair service, seek out the owner or manager of a company responsible for keeping a large fleet in top running order. He or she will almost certainly have the number of transmission shops in Chicago that are simply excellent.

Once you get some decent leads on transmission repairs providers, check them out. That is, find a shop that has the specifics you are looking for. For example, some people need an ongoing maintenance contract while others just need a single system rebuilt. You might also ask about free towing service. That can be very handy.

And now something very important: In transmission repair, experience is critical! You want to select a provider who has been at this a long time. For example, S-O-S Transmissions Company in Stone Park has 33 years of experience and they employ ASE Certified Master’s Level Technicians. (Company website is https://sos-trans.com).

It pays big-time to stay ahead of transmission problems. At the first hint of trouble, call a pro right away and avoid a huge repair bill further down the line. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.