Are you thinking about getting Lasik surgery? Maybe you already have an appointment and are looking forward to better vision. Either way, there are certain things you should to do prepare for the surgery. Check out three ways to prepare for the big day.

Make a List of Questions

One thing to do before the day of your surgery is to write down any questions you have about the surgery or recovery process. Your Lasik doctor should be happy to answer all of the questions you have so you will feel at ease every step of the way.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

Wearing comfortable clothing is important on the day of the surgery. You don’t want to be in tight clothing or clothing that’s too warm. Comfortable clothing helps you to relax and focus on staying calm throughout the day.

Stop Wearing Makeup a Few Days Before Surgery

Stop wearing eye shadow, eyeliner and other makeup a few days before the surgery. Your Lasik doctor is likely to advise you to do this because any remnants of makeup on your eyelids or eyelashes can increase the risk of infection. You want your eyes and face to be clean so you can go through the surgery without raising your risk of infection.

Medical History

By the day of the surgery, your doctor has likely gathered together all of the facts on your medical history. But, if you think of another item of medical information, write it down and bring it to the doctor’s office. The more thorough your medical history, the better prepared the medical staff will be for your surgery.

Lastly, arrange to have a friend drive you home on surgery day. It’s best to avoid driving until your Lasik doctor tells you it’s okay to start.