Today’s Retailers Offer More than One Approach to Medicating with Marijuana

by | May 21, 2018 | Cannabis store

Have you or your physician considered adding marijuana or cannabis products to your healthcare routine? If the idea makes you uneasy, you’re not alone; many Americans aren’t sure if there’s a way for them to enjoy the touted benefits of the drug without consuming it in a way that makes them uncomfortable. Here, you’ll see that there’s more than one way to medicate with marijuana.

For More than Just the Jitters

People have been relying on marijuana and cannabis products to relieve the symptoms of anxiety and stress disorders for centuries. Even before medical marijuana was a publicly-discussed concept, people were privately using marijuana to help them sleep better, contend with depression and even regulate eating and improve their diets.

Now, we know there are many more applications for medical marijuana, including:

* Pain relief after surgery or injuries
* Relief for chronic pain
* Assistance with ongoing conditions like Lupus, Fibromyalgia and more
* Help with seizures and neurological issues
* Help in recovery from eating disorders and more, discovered every year
* Solutions for Non-Smokers

Palm Springs retailer West Coast Cannabis Club is like many of today’s medical marijuana merchants in that they offer a variety of ways for patients to reap the benefits of the plant. For the more traditional consumer who prefers the direct exposure granted by smoking, vaporizing or otherwise inhaling the plant’s essence, these retailers stock multiple strains of the plant and list the benefits and recommended dosage for each. This helps users find exactly the right dose for treating what ails them without unnecessary side effects.

Not sure about smoking? Thankfully, today’s top marijuana merchants offer many other ways to enjoy cannabis’s plentiful, natural benefits. Those with a sweet tooth may enjoy the wide variety of edible marijuana products, including:

* Hard candies
* Gummy candies
* Dark, white, semi-sweet and milk chocolate treats
* Cookies of all flavors, types, and textures
* Chewing gum
* Beverage and cooking additives
* Delicious drinks and much more

Also available are a multitude of sublingual, oral, dermal and topical applications that help patients of all ages get the life-changing benefits of medical marijuana, all in a format that fits their life.

There isn’t just one way to medicate with marijuana. For most patients, the applications are many, and the side effects are few. Don’t keep relying on harsh, risky prescription pain medications and drug-heavy treatments for mental health conditions. Talk to your doctor today about therapeutic and medical cannabis, and how it might fit your needs.

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