A small cavity can easily lead to a larger one that can become infected and cause severe pain. The earlier a cavity is detected, the more likely there will be minimal damage to a tooth. Fillings today are no longer the dark amalgam fillings that made a natural tooth look discolored. Tooth Fillings are now made of a composite material that’s the same color as the existing tooth it will be put in. If an individual does not the decay removed from their tooth, a root canal may have to be performed. When a tooth is severely infected from decay a patient can either choose to have a root canal or the tooth removed. Once the tooth is removed, they will have a gap in their smile, but a root canal will keep restoring the patient’s original tooth.

Only experienced dentists can perform a root canal because of the delicate dental work that needs to be performed. After a root canal is completed, a crown is usually placed on the tooth. This type of treatment can last for many years with limited or no additional problems with the tooth, root canal or crown. If a tooth is not severely damaged by decay, the tiny opening the dentist makes in the natural tooth to complete the root canal will receive Tooth Fillings to finish the process. The tooth will look identical to the other teeth and no one will know that dental work was performed on it.

In addition to fillings, root canals, and crowns, an experienced dentist can perform bleaching of the teeth, installation of porcelain veneers, smile makeovers, full or partial dentures, implants, custom dentures and dental bonding. A caring dentist understands how important an individual’s smile is and how it can affect their self-confidence when their smile isn’t as nice as it could be. A drab smile that isn’t white or is missing teeth can be transformed into a beautiful smile with a complete makeover. Dental implants can permanently replace missing teeth without the use of a bridge or partial denture. Whatever dental work an individual needs, Robert S. Ogden DDS PA can transform their smile to look perfect.