As Marilyn Monroe so famously sang, diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and there’s no doubt that giving your special someone diamond jewelry is guaranteed to thrill her. In fact, the only hard part is choosing the right piece to fit your partner’s personality and preferences. When it comes to buying Diamonds In Beavercreek jewelers have an amazing selection of bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, practically anything you can think of, but having so many options can actually make the decision much more complicated. Before you walk into your jeweler’s, do some preparation so that the process of choosing the right piece with Diamonds Beavercreek.

The simplest and easiest secret to ensuring that you select jewelry that matches your partner’s taste is to check the jewelry that she already owns. It’s best to do this when you’re alone or she’s asleep, because otherwise she will probably guess what you’re up to. Look for a common theme in the pieces: She may prefer one kind of jewelry over another, or one specific stone or metal. Women tend to go back to their preferred favorites time and again, so pieces that are on the bottom or at the back of the drawer are probably not her top picks. Be sure to check the earrings and note whether they are clips or studs; one of the most common reasons buyers return earrings is because they purchased the wrong type for the recipient. Save yourself a trip back to the jeweler’s, and buy the right kind the first time around. Once you’ve done your research, head back to the jewelry store and look for designs that fit with the styles that your partner likes. Many jewelers can retool a piece to include diamonds, so if you see something that you like that’s bare, ask if it’s possible to add stones to it.

Giving your partner a piece of jewelry withDiamonds Beavercreek jewelers designed is sure to please, and every time she wears that bracelet or puts on those earrings, she’ll be reminded of your love for her, and the care and effort you put into choosing a piece that complements her inside and out.

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