Losing a loved one for any reason is devastating. It can be particularly tragic if that loss occurred due to the careless or negligent actions of someone else. Knowing whether you have a wrongful death case can be confusing, and you may not wish to consider the emotional stress of a trial. However, an experienced attorney can provide you with reassurance and can help you obtain justice, along with rightful compensation due. If you have questions about whether you may have a case, a wrongful death attorney in Bremerton can help. Take a look.

What Qualifies as Wrongful Death?

Wrongful death suits usually entail a loss of life due to negligence, willful omission, wrongful actions, carelessness or fault of someone else. Loved ones can sue for the loss of life, as well as for other compensation related to loss of financial or emotional support. Common reasons such suits may be brought to trial include reckless driving, murder, medical malpractice, slips and falls or pedestrian accidents.

Is This an Eligible Wrongful Death Claim?

Each case is different and unique. A qualified wrongful death attorney would need to be consulted to answer this question definitively. However, seeing an attorney can provide peace of mind and help you to determine whether you should move forward toward trial.

What Damages Can Be Recovered?

You can recover both economic and non-economic damages in a wrongful death claim. Loss of income or damages causes by the actions of another fall under the first category. The second ca be things like pain and suffering, along with loss of the enjoyment of life.

A consultation with a wrongful death attorney in Bremerton can help to provide clear answers to these questions for your particular situation. Call the Law Office of Anthony Otto Attorney At Law.