Everyone has the right to represent themselves in any case. However, if you have not gone to law school, representing yourself can be dangerous. Representing yourself could easily cost you the case because you might miss a deadline that would bar you from getting your due recovery. For this reason, people opt to hire civil litigation attorneys in Charlotte, NC.

Civil litigation attorneys know the law. Different civil claims have complicated elements and issues. When you represent yourself, you have to understand that the judge serves as a neutral party. They are not going to instruct you on how to proceed. The court expects those who represent themselves to understand the law. They are not there to give you legal advice. That’s why having civil litigation attorneys in Charlotte, NC to help you is so essential.

An experienced attorney will manage the procedures and deadlines of your case. A lawsuit requires that you file paperwork under strict deadlines. Delays can put your entire claim at risk. Throughout your case, your attorney is there to ensure that you adhere to procedures, file deadlines on time, and fill out the required paperwork.

Finally, attorneys understand how to deal with individuals who don’t play fair. If you represent yourself, the attorneys on the other side will be much less willing to settle. Insurance companies have a habit of bullying unrepresented and unsuspecting plaintiffs. They will use unfair delay tactics. But your attorney has seen it all, and they have the experience and knowledge needed to negotiate for you and stand up for your rights.