All parents want their children to get a high-quality education in a safe and supportive environment. But, for many families in the U.S., the local school does not meet those needs. Alternatives to public school include home schooling, which may not be practical for working parents, and a variety of types of private schools. The following are the top reasons why many parents choose to enroll their children in a christian high school in Whittier CA.

Moral Education

One of the top reasons parents choose a Christian school is to ensure their children are getting the same moral education in school that they receive at home. Christian schools typically emphasize character development, basing their principals of teachings on the Bible. Christian schools form strong partnerships with families and reinforce the importance of family in each child’s life.

Bible Education

Another reason parents send their children to a Christian school is to make sure the children’s education is grounded in the Bible. In public schools, the Bible may only be discussed as literature or as a historical artifact, but in a Christian, the Bible is taught explicitly as the word of God and as the foundation for a good life. The Bible should also infuse the entire curriculum so that students can see how all aspects of life and learning are connected to their religious beliefs.


Families are also turning to Christian schools because they, justifiably, believe those schools are safer than public schools. Statistics show that students are twice as likely to experience violence at a public school than at a Christian school. Also, most Christian schools have very strict policies regarding bullying and have greater leeway to enforce those policies than teachers in public high schools, who may be required to keep disruptive children in the classroom or may not be able to properly supervise a large number of students in their care.

When choosing a Christian school, families should consider the school’s academic record, how it chooses faculty members, and how the curriculum is designed. Click here to learn about one recommended christian high school in Whittier CA.