Having a garage door is one of life’s often unacknowledged simple conveniences. However, having a garage door not function properly is one of life’s grand headaches. Thankfully, all hope is not lost, and there are usually some simple fixes to the top reasons why the Overhead Garage Doors Phoenix AZ aren’t working as they should.

Batteries Not Included

While this may seem like an obvious solution, industry experts state it is also one of the most overlooked. Check the batteries in the transmitter and in the remote control. Batteries can last for a very long time, but they do require changing every now and again. There are also times when people will install their garage doors and completely forget to install the batteries in the first place. Sometimes things can be so simple they are difficult to notice.

Clean The Eye

All Overhead Garage Doors Phoenix AZ manufactured after 1993 are equipped with a pair of electric “eyes” which can sense if there is something in the way of the garage door. This prevents accidents from happening by way of the door closing on someone or something. If the garage door is opening just fine but is not closing at all, the first thing to be done is to check the eyes. It is not unusual for them to become dirty or grimy and thus not be able to function correctly.

Check The Alignment

Just like a human spine, the track of a garage door must be aligned properly for it to function as it should. When a track is misaligned, it presents a danger to those around it as the heavy weight of the garage door can cause it to come crashing to the ground. When this seems to be the problem, it is best to call in a Neighborhood Garage Door Service and have them perform the repairs.

Visit the website and schedule an appointment to have the garage door repaired or replaced. If the homeowner needs a brand-new door installed because they have never had one, they can schedule that too. Always have the professionals do the work so it’s done right the first time.