Trading Up in Jewelry

by | Apr 25, 2013 | Jewelry

Not many people realize that they can take their old items and rather than using the jewelry for cash in Westchester County, they can merely trade up. Maybe you want a different necklace to wear for those special occasion dinners but don’t have the money to spend. You don’t have to pay the entire amount when you can take the item you have now and do a little upgrade. This can be a cost effective and almost fun way to get new jewelry.

When you take the pieces you have and sell them, you can then take that money and invest it in a new piece. You may have three pairs of earrings complete with precious metals and gemstones but you would like one pair that sparkles on your ear. Take in the three pairs and whatever you get for those three, can be what you spend on the larger statement earrings. Think about the money you can save by not using the jewelry store financing but rather using your own jewelry to get the more dazzling pair. If you are on a tight budget, it can be a great way to splurge without having to cut back on the important things.

Jewelry for cash in Westchester County can be an effective way to clean out your jewelry box and use what you had to get something new. Not only will you de-clutter but the earrings you bring in or the other jewelry you bring in, may be exactly what another person is looking for. This can be a positive way to give to others, without even realizing it.

Another way to upgrade is to use that money to buy a gift for someone else. Jewelry for cash in Westchester County will give you the necessary funds to buy a wonderful gift for someone else. Sometimes jewelry stores will give you a higher dollar amount in store credit than in cash. They want you to decide to make the purchase in their store and it improves their sales numbers when you buy something from the store. The store credit can be higher than the cash and you can turn around and buy something for a loved one. This happens frequently around the holidays where one person will take what they can and get cash for it; then, they turn around and buy something fabulous for a family member for a friend.

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