Transman Surgery at the International Center for Transgender Care

by | May 12, 2017 | Health

At the International Center for Transgender Care, we offer a full range of clinical services for the transman—surgery, hormone therapy, and supportive counseling.  This comprehensive approach provides a number of benefits to our patients, such as increased body satisfaction, enhanced self-esteem, and improved quality of life.

Transman surgery encompasses several procedures, including mastectomy, facial masculinization surgery, body masculinization surgery, and genital confirmation surgery.  Our surgical team has over twenty years of experience performing these procedures.

Mastectomy is also known as “top surgery”.  This is usually the first, and sometimes only, procedure that many transmen choose to undergo.  During a mastectomy, excess breast tissue is removed to achieve a more masculine chest appearance.  This is a very common and safe procedure.

Facial masculinization surgery (FMS) can include a number of procedures that are designed to create chiseled, masculine facial features.  The needs of each transman will be different, but in general FMS may include rhinoplasty, chin and jaw contouring, forehead and cheek augmentation, and Adam’s Apple enhancement.

Body masculinization surgery (BMS) is a procedure that utilizes liposuction to lend a more masculine contour to the upper and lower body.  Areas that may be targeted during BMS include the chest, back, buttocks, and thighs.  Combined with hormone therapy, diet, and exercise, BMS can create a trim and defined masculine appearance.

Finally, some transmen choose to have genital confirmation surgery (GCS) as the final step in their transition journey.  GCS is also known as genital reconstruction surgery or sex reassignment surgery.  Typically, this procedure involves performing a hysterectomy to remove the inner sex organs, then using the existing outer genitalia to create a penis and testes.  GCS is considered a major surgery, so it is essential to choose an expert surgeon with experience performing this procedure.

At the International Center for Transgender Care, we offer all of our services in a supportive, welcoming environment.  Contact us to schedule a consultation at (972) 543-2477. We understand that transman surgery is a vital component of the transition process, and we look forward to assisting you in this journey.

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