Transmissions Used in Columbia MO – Signs You Have Transmission Problems

by | Jan 15, 2013 | Automotive

If you own a vehicle, you will know how important oil changes are for the performance and longevity. It is not just the oil you should focus on though, because transmission fluid changes will be equally as important. Transmission problems are likely to arise if you don’t take the time to maintain this component and when you start noticing issues with the vehicle performance, it is time to buy transmissions used in Columbia MO. When you are aware of the signs that something is wrong, you can get a replacement and take to the roads once again.

Leaks and Low Fluid Levels

When a transmission is on its way out, it is common for the fluid to leak. If you notice a puddle of red liquid then this is a warning sign that you need help from a professional. You should hire a mechanic to confirm that this is the problem before you purchase transmissions used in Columbia MO, as the underlying problem could be relatively easy to fix. Another sign of an issue is if the fluid levels are low. Of course the fluid level will be low if there are leaks but if you do not find a leak, there is a chance that fluid is overheating.

Sticky Gear Shifting

There is nothing more frustrating than hard shifting but if you are having this problem when driving your car on a daily basis, the transmission is probably failing. You can prevent this problem from happening by topping up the transmission fluid regularly and avoiding overloading when embarking on long road trips. The more care and attention you devote to your car, the fewer repairs you will require and the more enjoyable it will be to drive. A lack of maintenance could cost you thousands of dollars and if you continue driving with sticky gear shifting, you may damage other components and require more transmissions used in Columbia MO.

Gear Slippage and Metal Shavings

If you are driving in gear and the transmission slips, you will need to buy replacement parts. No matter what a vehicle’s age, the gears should shift with ease and they should remain firmly in position while driving. Gear slippage can prove dangerous if you do not focus on it, so be sure to get this seen to by a professional as soon as possible. A surefire way to detect an issue with a transmission is to inspect the transmission fluid. This should be free of debris but if you find small pieces of metal in the fluid, it is absolutely vital that you buy transmissions used in Columbia MO.



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