People who are suffering from serious depression usually are given few alternatives, among them: Take large doses of antidepressant drugs, and/or seek psychological counseling. Many people find a level of improvement in combining the two, but in both cases, the objective sought is usually to end the symptoms of depression rather than to address its cause. While it is important to relieve symptoms, getting down to the primary source of what may be causing depression is just as important, and may mean further inquiry than just chalking it up as a “chemical imbalance” in the brain.

Naturopathic medicine tends to treat depression and other kinds of medical or psychological problems with a holistic approach, meaning that rather than focusing in on the particular problem and seeking to solve it, the optimal health of the whole person is put into context. So it is likely that a practitioner of naturopathic medicine will seek to address symptoms of depression by not only utilizing possible routes of treatment through modern advances in drug therapy through the use of antidepressants, but also examine your body’s whole health outlook. There are ways that the body itself can bring about healing for depression as optimal health and vitality is actively pursued under the care and advice of a doctor practicing naturopathic medicine.

A primary aspect of your body’s relationship to the way you feel is directly related to diet, and this is a crucial starting point for naturopathic medicine. The kinds of foods that you eat, what kind of nutrients and vitamins you are absorbing, as well as what kinds of chemicals may be blocking your highest level of vitality are all factors a doctor might diagnose. Corollary with this is exercise and your body’s activity and use of energy. An optimized diet and healthy exercise regimen can release the endorphins in your brain that directly affect mood and perspective.

Other remedies that may be coupled with the foregoing may include a counseling referral, teaching you new methods for coping with problems, as well as relaxation techniques. Breathing exercises and meditation can have an extremely positive effect on stress levels that influence the body’s vitality and wellness. Herbal supplements may also be suggested, as well as certain social activities that may both distract one from a self-absorbed perspective that can lead to unhealthy habits of mind, as well as boost one’s self-image through being part of a group bigger than oneself.

Depression can be a serious, stultifying and harmful condition leading to thoughts and acts of suicide, so it is important to treat it seriously. Naturopathic medicine offers alternative routes towards health and wellness, and seeks to restore your vitality, improve your mood, and help you to seek emotional stability over time.