The traditional vacuum cleaner is fast being taken over by the commercial backpack vacuum cleaner. A compact alternative to a traditional vacuum cleaning device, it is often cordless and easy to move from place to place, whether you want to clean a commercial or residential space. Perfect for enhancing indoor air quality, these devices are lightweight and can be used on a daily basis. Aside from being on the lookout for a product that is high quality and virtually weightless, you should also spend time focusing on the available types and models sold by manufacturers.

Upright Devices

Often compared to canister vacuum cleaners, upright devices are self-propelled and can be used to clean most carpet types. Easy to store and compact, they can be fitted with a with a wide range of tools and attachments. In addition to this, they are available with a variety of filter types to suit cleaning in residential and industrial environments. You can choose between bagless and bagged devices, and if you shop around you might be lucky enough to find an upright vacuum cleaner with dirt sensors!

Handheld Devices

Sometimes, it is near impossible to clean small crevices with a big vacuum cleaner. This is where a handheld device comes in handy. More portable than any other device there is, a handheld appliance will be affordable and can be charged before being taken on the move. Offering easy maneuverability, they offer a great deal of convenience and are perfect for use when those unexpected spillages occur. Liquid and dirt spills can be cleaned up with a handheld vacuum cleaner, and their simple navigation means that you can even use them in drawers, cupboards and cars. There is no need to plug a cordless device of this kind into a socket and if you buy one with a motorised brush, surfaces will be cleaned in no time.

Bagless Devices

Most vacuum cleaners are fitted with a bag, which collects dust and dirt. These bags should be emptied to prevent blockages and to keep the device working to its best ability. Located inside the device’s dust canister is a filter, which collects any debris that has accumulated on the surfaces being cleaned. It’s best to opt for a bagless device if you don’t want to go through the hassle of changing bags on a regular basis. The only real downside is that they have less suction power than normal vacuum cleaners.

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