Cleaning house isn’t always a simple task, and plenty of people have trouble working all those chores into their busy schedules. At the same time, not everyone who contributes to the mess and clutter of a home is driven to help reverse it. Either way, professional intervention is available. Home Cleaners in Overland Park KS offer a wide range of services geared toward those who need an extra helping hand around the house when the mess begins to build.

General Cleaning

General Cleaning Services are routine tasks you’d typically perform during regular housecleaning ventures. Professional home cleaners cover all the basics at this level of service, such as dusting, vacuuming, sweeping and mopping. Cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms and emptying trash cans also fall into this category. This type of cleaning can be scheduled on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or other basis depending on your specific needs.

Deep Cleaning

With deep cleaning services, home cleaners perform all the tasks included in a basic cleaning as well as a number of extras. Ceiling fan blades, lamp shades, blinds, shutters, cabinets, doors, walls, light switch plates and electrical outlet covers, backsplashes and knick-knacks all receive special attention at this level. Stovetops, vent hoods, mirrors, window sills, molding and baseboards might also be included in a deep cleaning. This type of service is usually scheduled more infrequently than basic cleanings.

Special Projects

Professional cleaners also offer their services for special projects or more in-depth cleaning needs. Some examples of this type of cleaning include cabinet and refrigerator interiors, closet clean-outs, spot treatments and cleaning for rugs and carpets and furniture cleaning. Not all special projects will be handled by home cleaners due to safety and ability restrictions, but many are certainly feasible. These are generally occasional undertakings and fall well outside general or deep cleaning parameters.

Unfortunately, homes don’t clean themselves; they simply gather dirt, dust and buildup until someone has the time and energy to tackle the problem. Considering today’s hectic schedules and numerous demands, homeowners just aren’t always able to do the job themselves. Home Cleaners in Overland Park KS are available to fill the gap. They’re thoroughly trained in getting rid of dirt and clutter without damaging clients’ belongings and home furnishings, and they’re on hand whenever they may be needed.