Wearing a seat belt can save your life during a car accident. However, it may not spare you from suffering injuries to many parts of your body including your neck, lower back, and hips.

Being in a car accident can lead to a number of damages including your thoracic and lumbar areas of your spine as well as the discs in your backbone. You can recover faster from accident-related injuries by undergoing specialized care for slipped discs, VNG, and other types of back injuries today.

You may hesitate to seek out treatments for VNG and other types of back injuries because you fear how much it will cost you. Even if you have health insurance, you may not be able to afford the co-pays right now. You also may not want to rack up expensive medical bills that you will have to pay in the near future.

However, if the accident was not your fault, the person or party responsible for it will be legally compelled to pay your medical bills. When you go to the facility for treatment, you can tell the doctors that your injuries were caused in an accident for which someone else was responsible. The facility’s staff will contact the responsible person and send the bill to that person’s insurer.

If you caused the accident, you still may have your bills covered by your own auto insurance policy. Most policies have allowances for medical expenses that are the result of a car accident. Your provider can remit billing to your insurer instead of your health insurance company. Most or all of your bills may be covered under your driver’s policy.

With prompt treatment, you can minimize the pain of back injuries. You can also regain movement that may be limited in your spine.