Not everyone believes global warming is happening, but Illinois residents experienced summer weather stretching on into October in 2021. In the Chicago area, October began with a high of 84 degrees, according to World Weather. High temperatures the first two weeks of October were in the high 70s a few more times. With temperatures dropping into the 40s in later weeks, residents were running equipment for both heating and cooling in Libertyville, IL, that month.

Area Weather

Chicago area residents sometimes deal with bitterly cold winter temperatures and hot, muggy summer weather. Most rely on furnaces to heat their homes and central air conditioners for cooling.

Window Air Conditioners

Some houses still have window air conditioners, but people have generally come to prefer having cool air in all the rooms. Those window devices are mainly designed for cooling a limited amount of square footage. They are relatively effective for the entire square footage of a smaller one-story home, particularly if the device is centrally located.

The Advantages of Central Air

Larger houses, long one-story homes, and houses with two or more stories cannot be cooled effectively with window air conditioners. Technicians providing service for heating and cooling in Libertyville, IL, install this equipment so that upstairs rooms and those located far from the air handler have climate control. The furnace and central air share the interior equipment, so cool air is sent to vents just as warm air is during colder weather.

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