If you or someone you know is in trouble with the law, consider how bail bonds could help. Thousands of people use these to alleviate the strain of paying bail and getting out of a sticky situation.

What Is a Bail Bond?

This is a type of surety bond that assists defendants with paying their posted bail. There are several reputable companies that offer bail bonds in Franklin, LA. The process involves contacting a bondsman who will work with you in offsetting the costs and continuing on with the legal proceedings. In the state of Louisiana, bondsmen require that the defendant pay 10% of the bail amount in cash. The defendant can pay the remaining balance with collateral. This could take on the form of several different things, such as a vehicle, stocks, credit cards, or fine jewelry. Friends and family may need to help the defendant out.

The defendant should appear in court after posting bail. Upon the conclusion of the trial, the bail bond is complete and the defendant is free to go on with their life. In addition, they get their collateral back, although the bondsman will keep the 10% that the defendant paid. This is the legal professionals earnings for this bail bonds case.

How to Begin

If you have more questions about the process or want to get started, there are qualified experts all across the state. The Association of Louisiana Bail Underwriters is the state’s most trusted organization representing bail bondsmen. You can use their database to search for a bail bonds firm that belongs to the organization. Membership in the ALBU determines that a business is qualified to assist with bail and will educate the client with respect and patience. Foulcard Bail Bonds is one of those companies that can help you get started today.