Thousands of people in the United States purchase used vehicles rather than paying extremely steep prices for a brand-new car, truck, or SUV. Some encounter significant mechanical or other car problems soon after they pay for their used car. Help is available for these situations. Understanding your current possible rights under California Lemon Law can help remedy your unfortunate problem.

California Law Protects Consumer Rights When Buying Used Defective Vehicles

Many residents of California simply assume that they are stuck with their Lemon used car expensive repair problems. California law has Lemon Laws now on the books to help protect consumers when they find themselves in this unfortunate situation. The rules for filing for compensation under today’s California Lemon Laws can be difficult to understand without the appropriate legal advice and information.

Call to Speak with a Qualified Lemon Law Lawyer for Legal Help

Most lawyers familiar with Lemon Law rights will offer wise legal counsel often at low rates or free. Call to schedule your legal consultation with a qualified Lemon Law lawyer who understands and has experience with California Lemon legality cases to start the complex process. Doing so can help determine if your case is eligible under the laws.

Pay Attention to Lemon Law Deadlines & Regulations

To collect under the Lemon Law consumer legal claims, the consumer must pay close attention and follow all Lemon Law deadlines and regulations. Learn more by contacting Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center®.