The exterior aesthetics of a home makes a significant difference in both the value and enjoyment of a house, and there are many areas that require work to ensure its kept up. For Coloradoan homeowners, there are always a host of concerns when it comes to proper yard maintenance and upkeep. One of the areas that can get overlooked is the health of grass on a lawn.

Understanding General Lawncare

Lawncare is more complex than some homeowners assume, and there are many things that can affect the health of a lawn. Two of the most vital maintenance tasks in lawncare are proper mowing techniques and regular watering, and both play essential roles in regular upkeep. However, these two simple steps are often insufficient to ensure that a lawn stays healthy.

Problems for Lawns

Many homeowners think lawns require little besides watering and mowing. However, the truth is that grasses can be adversely affected by several things, including poor soil, weeds, grubs, moles, and disease. That is why it is essential to be proactive in lawncare when any issues in these areas seem to arise.

Poor soil conditions, weed growth, grubs, moles, and disease can kill off large areas of a lawn and are responsible for the most significant lawn losses outside of drought. Weed growth can takeover of a lawn, killing off healthy grass and replacing with weed growth and usually requires lawn weed control Centennial, CO, services to remedy.

The good news is that all of these areas of lawn damage are treatable, and damaged lawns can be repaired before an entire lawn is lost to these blights.

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