A power takes off clutch is a clutch used to move the mechanical power of the engine to another piece of equipment. What this does is allow the power to move through the equipment and transmit energy, even if the equipment has no engine or motor of its own. There are several types of power take off clutches, which we’ll look at today.

Kinds of Power Take Off

In the past, power take off (PTO) could be operated with pneumatics like bleed air, drive shaft attachments, and belt drives. Nowadays, these PTOs are most often involved with a geared transmission. However, there are three styles that are still common in the automotive market.

  • Engine crankshaft-driven
  • Tractor
  • Truck transmission

Transmission Style PTO

With smaller trucks, the power take off clutch is used to drive the pump for a winch or hoist. Large trucks can use the PTO for numerous purposes, but it is often used for load or unload cargo and to operate hydraulic pumps. If the transmission is large and powerful enough, you may be able to use two or three of these on the transmission. The normal clutch needs to be let out for the output shaft to begin spinning.

Applications of PTO

The PTO is used whenever equipment needs to be operated, but it has no motor of its own. For instance, you might see PTOs used with farming equipment or commercial vehicles. The PTO came out mainly because of the innovation of farmers. A tractor engine can be used to operate a jackhammer or other farming equipment.

Some other applications common with a PTO include:

  • Carpet cleaning vacuums
  • Harvesters
  • Hay balers
  • Mechanical arms
  • Water pumps
  • Wood chippers

What a Power Take Off Does

If you want to know exactly what a PTO does, the easiest explanation is that it converts rotary power into hydraulic power. Once the power is in hydraulic form, it runs hookups like cotton pickers, fire engine pumps, oscillating power mowers, backhoes, and dump trucks. In most cases, this occurs through the use of an electrical, hydraulic, or mechanical pump. The motor can then convert the force back into a rotary or mechanical force, as needed.

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