You visit your doctor for a medical issue you are experiencing and he or she recommends you look into Botox Lansing MI. Your first thought may be that you need to get a new doctor because Botox is used to treat facial wrinkles. It turns out there are numerous uses for Botox, and you may obtain the relief you need from a variety of conditions when you choose to go this route. Following are a few of the many uses of Botox you may be unaware of.

Studies are now showing that Botox may benefit those who suffer from joint pain. Researchers are looking at how it can help those with knee, hip and/or shoulder pain caused by arthritis. Although they have yet to figure out why it helps, they do know it blocks signals in the brain which lead to the contraction of muscles. This may play a role in how it benefits those who have pain of this type.

Women suffering from pelvic floor or connective tissue irregularities may find intimate relations to be painful. When Botox Lansing MI is injected into the perineal area, the muscles of the pelvic floor relax. When this occurs, the woman obtains pain relief and finds sex to be enjoyable once again.

Did you know Botox may help to prevent or diminish scars? Some surgeons have begun using Botox before skin cancer surgery to stop the skin from pulling apart at the site of the incision. Botox may also help to prevent acne scars from increasing in size.

Botox may be another weapon in the war on allergies. Scientists are studying a Botox gel which may eliminate allergy symptoms for up to three months at one time. This gel is injected into the patient’s nasal cavity to block nerve endings which helps to reduce inflammation.

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