Large format printing is a type of digital large format printing that is used for printing banners, posters, blueprints, signage, and maps. The designs are printed on vinyl paper or other materials such as PVC, flex paper, and so on. Large format printers make use of roll-to-roll or flatbed printers that are different from non-commercial printers. They can help boost your business in different ways.

Outdoor Banners

Large Format Digital Printing In Atlanta, GA produces banners made from waterproof vinyl and printed with UV resistant ink. They are suitable for both outdoors and indoors since they can last long.


Panaflex is a free-standing banner that is suitable for promoting your brand/business. It’s compact in size and very simple to set up. You can use panaflex banners for trade shows and events. They are printed on synthetic polyethene material.

Window Clings

Large format digital printing in Atlanta, GA allows you to create window clings that are either adhesive-backed or static cling. You can display them on window glass or other smooth surfaces, but usually, they are intended to be displayed on window glass. Business and brand awareness are two of the biggest benefits of using window clings.


The advertising materials are glossy and high-impact. Hang them in windows, place them on walls, put them in frames, or place them on rigid surfaces. You can use them to communicate a message or to promote a product or an event.

Vinyl Labels

By using vinyl labels, you can engage pedestrians and vehicles passing by your store. A temporary sign is sometimes used during construction or as a “Coming Soon!” teaser sign for a new store. They can also be used indoors to brand an empty wall or feature a design or message.