When a homeowner has a stone floor in their home, they most likely enjoy its unique appearance. If a stone becomes cracked, replacing it with a new one will be necessary to upkeep the overall look of the surface. Here are some steps that can be followed in the removal and replacement of a cracked stone used as a flooring material. If the homeowner feels uncomfortable in doing the job themselves, they can call a Stone Removal Service to professionally replace a stone.

Prepare For The Stone’s Removal

Before a stone can be removed from a floor, it is best to obtain the tools necessary to pry it from the surface with ease. A crowbar, hand maul, and chisel will all come in handy in getting a stone to detach from sub-flooring. If the stone is located on the perimeter of a room, any baseboard molding next to it will need to be pried from the wall with a crowbar. A wooden board should be positioned next to the molding first so has stability and does not become ruined during the process.

Pry The Damaged Stone From The Area

A chisel can be used to pry a stone from sub-flooring. This can be done with help from a hand maul. The chisel should be positioned in grout lines and pushed underneath the broken stone. It is important to try not to dig into sub-flooring if it will is reused. If this is damaged, larger portions of stone will need to be removed and sub-flooring material will need to be replaced before new stones adhered.

Adhere A New Stone In Place

A new stone will need to be purchased to insert in the location where the old one was removed. The stone adhesive will need to be attached to the underside of the stone. Make sure of the positioning before adding the adhesive for the best results.

When there is a need for the replacement of damaged stones in a floor, a Stone Removal Service can be called to do the job. Take a look at a web site like Aestheticflooring.com to find out more. You can connect with them on Google+ for more updates!