If mice are getting inside of a home on a constant basis, taking steps to stop them from becoming nuisances is necessary. Mice can harbor diseases and leave behind droppings, making a home’s interior less than desirable. Most people will make a call to one of the Pest Control Services in Wellington Florida to handle a rodent problem. Here are some additional steps to take after mice are eliminated to keep them from coming back into a home again at a later time.

Tend To Damage Along The Home’s Exterior

Mice will wriggle their way into a home through small holes or cracks. It is imperative to evaluate of the siding, foundation, and roofing of a home on a constant basis. This way any broken portions are repaired promptly. Use pieces of wood to cover up larger holes temporarily. Caulk will fill in smaller holes and cracks to keep rodents on the outside of the home. Doing these frequent checks will also help in the maintenance of these important parts of the home, so other pests and moisture do not make their way to the inside.

Remove Attractions From The Property

Mice will stay on a property where they know they have a source of food and water available at all times. For this reason, it is a good idea to eliminate pooled water sources from a yard completely. Use covers on bird baths or pools to keep moisture contained. Remove any pet food dishes as soon as a meal has ended. Since mice can hide in wood piles, it is best to move them to an area where the home is not within view. Keep garage and shed doors closed, so mice do not sneak inside as well.

Use Some Deterrents To Scare Away Rodents

Mice will vacate an area where they feel threatened. Since large birds of prey feast upon rodents, using a few plastic statues of these predators will help to keep the mice population on your property at a minimum. Place them upon the roof or near prior entryways. Keeping a cat on the premises can also help to keep mice from getting too close to home.

When mice become a problem in a home, calling one of the Pest Control Services in Wellington Florida right away is best. Contact Above & Beyond Pest Control to find out more today.