According to the World health Organization, 47% of all adults around the word suffer from at least one headache a year. Although the International Headache Association lists over 100 types of headaches, many people suffer from debilitating migraines or other head pains for no known reason. In some instances physical therapy Draper practitioners can help relieve intensity or frequency of chronic headaches.

A Complimentary Treatment

Physical therapy can often be used in conjunction with more conventional therapies like diagnostic tests, ice packs and taking painkillers. Physical therapy should not be used in the place of traditional treatments. Patients with chronic headaches who are interested in physical therapy need an evaluation by the therapist to see if any treatments he or she knows will be of help.

Massage and Reflexology

A physical therapist may also combine massage and reflexology treatments with other more conventional physical therapy. Massage is especially good for people who suffer from tension type headaches. Reflexology is the use of stimulating pressure points in the hands and feet to help relieve pain. Some people like to roll a golf ball on their palms when they feel a headache or a migraine coming on.

Type of Headaches That Respond to Treatments

Not all types of headaches will respond to physical therapy. Primary headaches with genetic causes such as familial hemiplegic migraine usually will not be helped by physical therapy. One major type of primary headache, the tension type headache, can be relived with physical therapy. Secondary headaches caused by an injury can respond positively. For example, cerviogenic headaches can result from a whiplash injury or car accident.

Goals of Physical Therapy

The goal for both physical therapist and patient is to relieve pain and get a better quality of life. Therapists will often try to reproduce the headache in order to isolate any blocked nerves or muscle spasms that may be contributing factors to the pain. Patients can also be taught simple exercises or stretches to help prevent these physical problems. Although physical therapy is not a cure for chronic headaches, it is a good tool to use in fighting chronic headaches.

Physical therapy is a method of treatment that is aimed at curing ailments through exercises. For more information on Physical Therapy in Draper and the importance of getting this therapy in a timely and proper manner, please visit the website