As you enter the latter part of your middle age, you start to think of your eventual demise. You realize that you need to make up a final will and testament while you still are in good health and have a sound mind.

When you have specific plans for how you would like your estate divided up, you need to hire a lawyer who specializes in probate law to put your final plans in writing. With the services of a living wills attorney in Moline, IL, clients can make their express wishes known and name a person to execute their will after they have passed away.

Dividing Up Your Estate

If you fail to create a will for your estate, you essentially leave it up to the state to decide how it will be divided up after you are deceased. The probate court could name people whom you wanted to exclude from inheriting anything from you as your direct heirs.

When you consult with a living wills attorney in Moline, IL, courts have to obey your final wishes. You can name exactly whom you would like to benefit from your estate and what people you would like to exclude from any inheritance.

Planning Your Funeral

A living will also be used to dictate your funeral plans. By planning out your own funeral, you spare your remaining family from the burden. You can stipulate everything from where you would like your remains taken to in what cemetery you would like to be buried.

You can also name the funeral home as a beneficiary of part of your life insurance to cover your final expenses. Your lawyer can make sure that your funeral is paid for after you are gone.

A living will can be a valuable document to draft while you are healthy and rational. It lays out your final plans for your estate.