If you like the idea of living near the beach, then you will appreciate the beach listing of condos among Vancouver real estate listings online. Vancouver is the ideal location to find the perfect condo or townhouse property.

One of the Best Cities in Which to Live

While the real estate is considered higher priced, you can also enjoy a number of city amenities when you choose properties from real estate listings in this Canadian city. Indeed, the real estate listings in this locale are as diverse as its residents are. Time and again, city studies show that Vancouver is one of the best cities in the world in which to live. That is because Vancouver is renowned for its area programs – programs that are dedicated to accessibility and environmental sustainability. Forbes also listed Vancouver as the 10th cleanest city worldwide.

A Service-oriented City

Real estate may be higher priced in Vancouver too as the city tends to be more relaxed than such Canadian cities as Montreal or Toronto. The commercial section of the city is primarily devoted to white-collar occupations that are more service-oriented than industrial.

A Commercial-friendly Hub

Business and jobs in Vancouver are diverse economically, making the city the host to one of the world’s most prosperous economies. Therefore, even if the real estate costs more, you also have a better opportunity of getting a job in this commercial-friendly hub.

Vancouver’s Port

One of the reasons that Vancouver is prosperous is the fact that it features Canada’s biggest shipping port – a port that handles around $200 million worth of cargo each day. The Vancouver port is also ranked as number one in the continent of North America for export handling. According to InterVISTAS, Vancouver’s port generates wages in the area of $6 billion annually and 130,000 jobs in the country. Around 45,000 regional jobs have been created as the result of port activity.

Vancouver Industries

Besides port activity, Vancouver’s industries include companies that focus on such areas as alternative fuels, software development and biotechnology. Electronic Arts employs around 1,000 people in the Vancouver metro area of Burnaby, which makes it the biggest gaming studio in the area.

QLT Inc., which is a biopharmaceutical company, employs Vancouver residents, as does MDA, a satellite and IT company. Ballard Power Systems, which works with fuel-cell technology, is located in Burnaby in the Vancouver area.

Hollywood North

The film industry has also found a place in Vancouver, which has caused the city to become dubbed as “Hollywood North.” The city, in turn, produces the second largest number of TV shows of any place on the North American continent. The beautiful scenery of the city ensures that Vancouver’s tourism industry thrives as well – a great place to visit as well as an ideal city to make your home.