Purchasing a car is often the most important investment that a person makes after home purchase. Every car owner takes care of all the aspects related to ownership of the vehicle they have purchased. These include purchase of insurance and completion of necessary formalities. One major formality in this regard is procurement of the vehicle’s license. Let us take a quick look at the types of license related cases handled by leading notary offices, which will outline the main things that need to be taken care of at the time of purchasing any kind of vehicle.

Vehicle Title Transfers: A process that starts with filing a notification for vehicle transfer, this is an important aspect of selling or purchasing a vehicle already owned. When vehicle is purchased from a dealer the process of vehicle title transfer is usually taken care of. But when it comes to sale or purchase of second hand cars, the process is best accomplished with the help of a notary service provider. The completion of vehicle title transfer takes less than a month when handled by a well established notary office.

ATV Transfers: ATVs are all terrain vehicles like snowboards which are capable of traveling on more than one terrain. When you purchase such vehicles you need to take care of two main aspects of the title transfer. Firstly, you need to make sure the title transfer is registered keeping in mind the detailed formalities required for the same. Secondly, you have to look into meeting any specific rule that the state that it is being purchased in has outlined with respect to ATVs.

Boat Transfers: Boats of different makes are often purchased for entertainment and business purposes. If the boat is going to be used for a business purpose, then you will be needed to complete a different set of formalities. In the other case, if the boat is being purchased for personal usage, then the state requirements needed to be met would be different. In short, the notary office helps you understand the various requirements that needs to be taken care of under specific state regulations.

In addition to outlining the specific regulations that purchasers of all the above mentioned types of vehicles need to take care of, the notary offices take care of issuance of commercial driver’s licenses. Lancaster, PA area residents therefore, need to hire the services of a well reputed notary office that will help them complete the legal formalities related to purchase of any vehicle.


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