If Joanna Gaines hadn’t had such a passion for shiplap, no one would have known what it was or used it in their interior designs. It adds a homey look to a farmhouse-type décor and can be decorated with standard paintings or with farmhouse-type decorations. Before homeowners decorate their shiplap walls, though, they need interior painting in Clarksville, TN, first.

What Is Shiplap?

For those who have never seen cable home renovation shows, shiplap is a kind of building material. Once shiplap was used to build wooden ships. Then it was used on building exteriors like old houses, barns, and sheds. The board is made with grooves, so each board can interlock with the next board. This provides a snug, leak-proof wall. Many homeowners today use shiplap for all the walls, while others use it for an accent wall. How is shiplap painted?

Painting Shiplap

Shiplap is expensive. Many homeowners get around that by using ordinary planks and putting it together to look like shiplap. The snag to that is that the wall behind the shiplap will show through the cracks, so homeowners will need to have the wall painted as well as the shiplap.

Depending what type of wood planks are used, homeowners might need to have the planks primed. Pine, for instance, has distinct knots that show through paint. These knots need to be primed at least twice, or they’ll bleed through the paint. Then the plank should be sanded and primed before painting.

If homeowners use planks with the grooves, then only the shiplap needs to be painted. It can be painted before being put together, but homeowners will need to have the nail holes puttied and have the whole thing repainted.

Homeowners using professionals who do interior painting in Clarksville, TN, to paint their shiplap save a lot of headaches doing it themselves. After all, it’s their specialty, and they’ll make sure the wall and the shiplap matches.

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