Laminate flooring can be a great, inexpensive alternative to hardwood flooring. It can even be laid over any type of waterproof flooring that’s level and is very easy to install. Taking the proper care of Laminate in Lawrence KS will help it last longer and give you even better value for your money.

Sweep First

The first step is to regularly sweep the floor to pick up any loose debris, dust or dirt. Otherwise, this could get ground into the top layer of the flooring and damage it. Having mats at all entrances and not wearing shoes in the house can limit the amount of dirt that gets tracked in to make this even easier. If there’s a lot of pet hair or other debris that isn’t easily removed by sweeping, try vacuuming using the hard floor attachment and not the beater bar on the vacuum.

Damp Mop

After the floors have been swept, you can use a damp mop to get up any remaining dirt or grunge. Just remember that you don’t want to use a ton of water. Standing water should always be cleaned up right away, as it can damage the floor if it seeps in and cause it to warp. Laminate in Lawrence KS is more water-resistant than hardwood, but it still isn’t meant to be soaked. Don’t use soap or mop and shine products, as they will leave a residue on the floor.

Don’t Use Harsh Cleansers

You can buy special cleaners for laminate flooring. Just don’t use anything abrasive, as it can take off the top coating of the laminate. Also, don’t wax these floors, as it can make them start to look dull instead of shiny.

Be Careful With Furniture

If furniture is dragged across the floor, it could damage it. Instead, lift the furniture and carry it when it needs to be moved. It’s also a good idea to put soft pads under the legs of the furniture to keep them from putting too much pressure on one spot of the flooring or causing an indentation.

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