Fortunately when in need of animal control Accutech Pest Management have many options. Living in Hanover there are many critters just waiting to move into a family’s home. Whether it be a raccoon family, a lone opossum or mice, almost all families come face to face with wild life at some point. It’s important to understand the process of animal removal so that the best choices can be made and prevention can begin.

There’s A WHAT In My Attic?

All houses settle and Accutech Pest Management are no different, but if those settling noises sound like scratching there might be a need for animal control. All too often rodents and wild life crawl into homes through air vents, open windows and cracks and begin setting up house. Depending on the size of the animal even an half an inch crack can allow them to slip into a home. All animals shy away from human contact and that makes detecting their homes more difficult. Only a professional animal control technician should attempt to locate and capture wild animals living in a family home.

What Will Happen To Them?

Too many people fear calling animal control in Accutech Pest Management because they falsely believe all wild animals caught are killed. In the vast majority of cases wild animals can be humanely caught and released into appropriate environments. Animal control technicians value the safety of the animal and are the only individuals trained to capture. In some cases the wild animals in homes are sick or diseased making them a major threat to family members, pets, and other wildlife in the area. In those cases the animals are destroyed. All home owners should realize that no matter how docile or small a wild animal may appear only trained professionals should handle or capture them.

Prevention Education

Once a wild animal has been caught in or immediately near a home preventative measures need be taken to ensure they, or their friends, don’t come back. Trained animal control technicians are able to inspect homes, identify points of entry and make recommendations as to how best protect a home. Often times filling small cracks and holes and sealing larger entrance points is necessary and most technicians in animal control in Accutech Pest Management can do the preventative work themselves.

When confronted with a wild animal in the home families should never try to rid the pest themselves but rather should contact professional animal control companies to do the work. Although they appear calm and innocent most wild animals will attack if a threat is perceived and many carry deadly diseases. Once the animal is safely removed they are released back into the wild and preventative measures can be taken to better protect a home against wild animal infestation.

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