When you are looking for security systems for your company, you need to consider card access control systems in Chicago as options. The card access system allows you to give everyone on the staff a card, helps you track their movements, and help prevents access to certain parts of the building. Consider how much safer it is for you to run a business when you are using the proper card access system.

What Is a Card Access System?

Card access systems bypass keys in favor of an electronic card that is either swiped or scanned at the door. The card access system is installed at every door, and you will get a log of when the keys were used. Plus, the card access system allows you to give vendors something they can use to access the building that cannot be copied or misused. When a vendor is fired or quits, you turn off their access card. The same is true for employees who leave the company.

Controlling the Building

Card access control systems in Chicago offer options that allow you to set each key card to open certain doors. Your receptionist may only have a card that works the front door and the bathroom. However, a scientist or high-ranking executive can get into every room in the building. People who only need access to certain rooms can have their key cards programmed for the right doors, and you can check the logs daily to ensure entries were not attempted on the wrong doors.

Safety is a Major Concern

You cannot leave your company open to people who may copy your keys or try to get into the wrong doors and breach your security system. Go to SMG Security by visiting for help with the key card access system you would like to purchase for your business or office building. You can get service and have upgrades done when needed.