The vast majority of readers will already know that aluminum is recyclable. What not all consumers realize, though, is that the vast majority of other metals are, as well. Read on to find some information about recycling Metals CT residents can use to determine whether or not it’s worth heading to the scrap yard with their materials.

Recycling Copper

Copper is found in a wide array of consumer products, including small appliances, computer monitors, laptops, televisions, and wiring- most scrappers who do it for a living place a huge emphasis on copper as a source of income, as it is one of the more valuable metals to recycle. Premium-grade copper, such as that found in electrical wiring, can hold up to 95% of its value, so it’s important not to just toss it in the garbage.

Recycling Brass

Brass is another metal that it nearly always pays to take to the scrap yard instead of the dump. Brass is often used in doorknobs, handles, and other household fixtures, so chances are most readers have some hanging around the house. While most sources of copper need to be processed to remove the raw metal, brass fixtures can generally be taken to the scrap yard as-is.

Recycling Tin

Recycling tin takes just 1% of the energy that processing the raw metal does, so while it’s not worth as much as copper and brass in monetary terms, environmentally-conscious readers will find that it’s well worth taking the extra time to separate it and recycle it. Common sources of tin in modern households include older kitchen supplies and equipment like pots and pans and soup ladles.

Recycling Other Metals

Of course, those materials listed above are far from the only Metals in CT residents can recycle. Other common examples of metals that are accepted at most scrap yards include lead, zinc, bronze, aluminum, and steel.

Get Started Recycling Common Metals Today

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