What can you expect from a lawn care service?

by | Feb 26, 2013 | Home And Garden

Lawn care service in Carmel is part of an emerging industry of lawn care consulting. You may think that lawn care consultants are only involved with major parcels of grassed area, such as a park or golf-course. This is not necessarily true, regardless of whether you are a do-it-yourself gardener, or if you bring in a service to perform lawn maintenance, a professional in lawn care can help you develop the ideal program to give you a beautiful, healthy lawn.

Why should I have a consultant?

Bringing in a person who has the skills and knowledge of grass care and maintenance may seem a bit arrogant and only suitable for large expanses of turf, but this not true. Over time, the consultant can save you money by getting your lawn healthy and into shape, and keeping it here. The expert will give detailed advice on maintenance, pest control and normal procedures such as watering and mowing.

Going organic:

There is little doubt that the green revolution is upon us, and people are making every effort to stop the decay in our environment. A lawn is one of those natural spots where organic maintenance programs can be implemented. It may sound daunting, but going from commercial fertilizers and weed killers to natural products and processes that do the same thing are not all that daunting. Lawn care service in Carmel can help you transition from chemical weed killers very quickly by showing you the process of weed growth. Weeds need sunlight to germinate, if you notice, there are more weeds in lawns which are cut short than those than use organic concepts such as leaving the lawn longer. If you set the lawnmower at the highest setting, cut just the top one-third of the grass blade, you will shade the ground which retains water for the health of the grass and denies weed seeds the sun that they crave.

How will my lawn care service react?

There should be no concern whatsoever that you bring in a lawn care consultant for advice. It is common that a professional lawn care company may get upset that you don’t trust his service, but this not the point. As a matter of fact, many who provide lawn care service in Carmel appreciate the fact that you care enough about your lawn to find information that may help the lawn care company do his job better. Often the individual who does the actual lawn care can learn and pass the information to other customers. This is especially important if organic lawn care is going to become the accepted norm for lawn care.

A lawn care consultant can provide valuable advice that you can use or pass to your lawn care professional.

When you use a lawn care service in Carmel, you get the best in service, knowledge and price when you deal with Lawnscapes Cut & Care, Inc. They can develop a unique program especially for your lawn and soil conditions.

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