What Can You Expect When Using Lymphedema Pumps?

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Cancer patients that end up having lymph nodes removed are very susceptible to developing a condition called Lymhedema. This condition causes swelling in the body that can be difficult to reduce. Some swelling becomes so severe the person has difficulty using the affected limb. When this happens, medical intervention is often needed, to drain the lymph node from the area. If you have had lymph nodes removed in your arms or legs, you need to make sure you speak with your doctor about Lymphedema Pumps. These pumps can help to remove the excess lymph fluid in the area, reducing the swelling and giving you relief from the pain and pressure. Through these pumps, your life can be less stressful and you can have more energy and vitality.

How are Lymphedema Pumps Used?

To prepare the area to be pumped, you will first need to perform the self massage your doctor instructed you to do. This helps to open up the lymphatic vessels so they can accept the excess fluid that will be pumped away from the area. This massage should only be attempted when you know exactly how to carry it out properly. If it is not done correctly, it could cause the lymph fluid to enter the interstitial spaces of the area and cause more swelling. Once you have massaged the area, you will place the Lymphedema Pumps garment into place, as directed by your doctor.

The pump will be worn for a specified period of time, while you relax the limb being treated. It is important you are fully relaxed during this procedure so the treatment is as effective as possible in removing the excess fluid from the area. Once your pump has been used, you will carefully remove it and once again perform the self massage on the area. It is then imperative you wear a compression garment to prevent the lymph fluid from pooling back into the area.

If you have lost lymph nodes and are experiencing problems with Lymphedema, you need to inquire about pumps and compression garments, as these can greatly help your condition. Visit http://www.mastectomyshop.com/ for more information on all of these products and more.

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