What Female Business Travelers Should Look for in Hotel Rooms in Moorehead MN

by | Jun 28, 2016 | Hotels

Women on business trips may look for Hotel Rooms Moorhead MN with flat-screen TVs, great views, and good shampoo, but there’s one thing they all look for: security. For women who often take solo business trips, below are some tips to ensure a comfortable and safe stay at the Holiday Inn Fargo.

Make Sure the Reviews are Positive

It’s easy to go online and read hotel reviews from other business travelers. To start, consider the negative reviews to determine whether there’s a recurring theme. If most of the complaints center around a poor internet connection or substandard security, these can be considered deal-breakers for business travelers.

Find an All-in-One Solution

Hotels with bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and conference rooms make it easy for business travelers to get things done. Use conference areas as neutral meeting grounds and restaurants as a place to hold a dinner meeting.

Look for Shuttle or Driver Service

With complimentary shuttles to and from airports and other locations, one doesn’t have to worry about rental cars, unfamiliar streets, and cramped parking-;all of which can waste time. If a woman attends a late business event, she can make arrangements for pickup so she doesn’t have to walk or wait alone. Free transportation makes it easier to get where one needs to go.

Ask if the WiFi is Free and Unlimited

Free, unlimited WiFi in the hotel room should be a top consideration for business travelers. Some hotels put caps on daily usage, and travelers should inquire with the hotel to avoid expensive surprises.

Consider the Surrounding Neighborhood

Look for hotels near meeting areas, but be aware of the surrounding neighborhood. In some cases, city financial districts aren’t in the best areas. People don’t usually live in those parts of town, which can leave streets empty and dangerous at the close of day. Click here for more details.

Find Hotels With Lobby Security and Keyed Elevators

Security is a primary concern for female business travelers, and they should choose hotels that allow access only through a well-lit, secure lobby. Access to guest room areas should require a room key to ensure only paying guests have access.

The smallest detail can make the difference between a safe business trip and an unsafe one. When one is on a business trip, there is no reason to be unfocused or unsafe. By choosing the correct hotel rooms in Moorhead MN, a woman can do both.

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