When individuals start the process of filing a Social Security Disability Claim, many do not realize the long wait times or what will happen in the process. It is important for individuals to understand what happens if they are denied their claim. With this information, individuals will be prepared and know the steps they need to take.

Why Do Some People Get Denied?

There are many reasons a person’s initial application might be denied by the Social Security Administration. Understanding the common reasons for denial can help individuals to avoid making mistakes that might lead to denials or delays with their application.

*Technical denials are common and often result from a person making too much income per month. When the administration sees a person’s income has gone over the monthly allowance, they will look no further into the claim.

*Another common reason for a denial of benefits is the medical condition. If the medical condition is temporary or is not considered severe enough to warrant disability, the administration will deny the claim.

*Individuals who refuse to follow their doctor’s instructions for treatment can also be denied their benefits.

*Not cooperating with the administration is a big issue that will likely result in a denial. It is imperative that individuals are cooperative and meet all requests in a timely manner.

*Individuals will likely receive a quick denial if they do not properly fill out their application. Human error accounts for many denials.

Get Help from a Lawyer

It is imperative a person gets help from a lawyer, especially if they are denied their benefits. The lawyer will help their client with both types of appeals that are available. The first appeal would be a request have the application reviewed.

The second appeal is a formal one that involves the scheduling of an appeal’s hearing. If the Social Security Disability Claim was denied, a person has the right to have their appeal heard by the judge.

If you have become disabled and are having difficulty filing your claim or getting approval, a lawyer can help. To learn more, visit Sslcnow.com right away.

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