When a patient is told by their dentist that they are a candidate for braces, they will most likely be concerned about what type to have placed upon their teeth to do a straightening procedure. Many people find that Invisalign Braces in Indianapolis IN can be a great alternative to standard metal braces. Here is a run down of what to expect when getting Invisalign braces fitted.

Images Will Be Taken Of The Teeth To Help With Fitting

The patient will need to see an orthodontist to have braces fitted. The first step will be to have images taken of the teeth using a diagnostic imaging software program and an X-Ray machine. This software will automatically show the projected placing of the teeth during the transition to their final resting places. The images will be used to construct a series of trays to place over the teeth. These pieces will fit snugly and will be virtually unnoticed by others.

Subsequent Appointments Will Be Given To Swap Out Braces

After the initial pair of Invisalign are received and fitted, they will need to be worn for a few weeks. The patient will then need to go back to their orthodontist to get another set of Invisalign. These will have slight alterations in the positioning of the concave portions that fit over the teeth. Swapping the Invisalign with new ones every few weeks will work at slowly moving the teeth toward the areas desired.

The Wearer Will Enjoy Several Benefits Over Standard Braces

Invisalign braces in Indianapolis IN allow the wearer to have the freedom in removing them to eat, unlike traditional metal braces. There are no food restrictions necessary as well. When the wearer would like to brush their teeth, they can do so without worry. The braces are clear, allowing the person wearing them to smile without others realizing they are present. This can boost the self esteem at a time when teeth straightening is needed.

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