When the old water heater finally gives up the ghost, the homeowner may be tempted to head to the closest home repair store, buy a new heater, and then make the installation without any outside help. This approach does come with some risks. A better solution is to work with a professional and make sure the Water heater installation in Jacksonville FL, is done properly. Here is what will happen if the homeowner makes the latter choice.

Purchasing the Right Water Heater

The support offered by the professional begins well before the Water heater installation in Jacksonville FL, gets underway. By asking a few questions and taking a look at the space where the current heater resides, the professional can focus on replacements with the right tank capacity and power source. In some cases, the professional may want to talk with the homeowner about the benefits of tankless water heaters. All this planning in advance will make it easier to select a heater that does a better job than the old one did in its heyday.

Local Codes and the Installation

Once the new water heater is delivered, the professional will make sure the water and the energy source for the old unit is cut off before it is disconnected. This makes it all the easier to extract the old heater. A professional will also know how to finish draining the tank before the heater is moved. This will mean less mess to clean up once the job is done.

As the new water heater is moved into position, the professional will be able to make sure the installation is in full compliance with local safety codes. This means if the heater is placed in a cabinet, the professional will make sure it is properly vented. In addition, the tank will be situated so that it is a reasonable distance from the cabinet door. Once the unit is in place, the professional will test it to make sure everything is working properly. If so, then the job is truly done.

For more tips on replacing an old water heater, look at this web-site first. After that, call a professional and arrange for the purchase and installation of a new unit. Doing so will ensure the job is done right and the heater offers years of reliable service.