A K9 inspection in Chilliwack, BC, is a technique for determining if a residence has a bed bug infestation and for locating the infestation. The exterminator will start by using a specially trained dog to sniff out the bedbugs. The dog’s handler will be a technician who will search for the bedbugs visually. Having both a dog and human searching increases the chances of finding the bedbugs.

Where Does the Bedbug Detecting Dog Come From?
Bedbug detecting dogs, more formally known as “Entomology Scent Detection Canines,” are trained at special schools. Those that meet certain standards earn certification from organizations like the National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association (NESDCA).

NESDCA actually certifies teams that consist of the dog and their handler. After the team has finished training at a school, NESDCA will test their ability to locate bed bugs. The handler will be tested for their ability to control the dog and read its body language.

NESDCA evaluators will hide live bedbugs, along with “distractors,” in the test area and give the team 15 minutes to find the bedbugs. The team will be allowed two tries before being marked as having failed. The team will also fail if the dog responds to a distractor as if it were the bedbugs.

What happens after the dog finds the bed bugs?
After completing the K9 inspection in Chilliwack, BC, the exterminator will use a heat treatment to kill them. Heat treatments have several advantages. First off, heat attracts bed bugs, so there is little chance of any hiding away and surviving the treatment. Consequently, most buildings will need only one treatment.

Second, the heat treatment does not involve the use of any poisonous chemicals. It is eco-friendly and won’t harm any children or animals that stay in the building. Residents can usually return to the building on the same day after the exterminator has completed the treatment.