What Is a Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System?

by | May 15, 2024 | Business

Several issues can affect tire pressure, from punctures to poor wheel alignments. To check for such problems, you need a system that will monitor your wheels in real time. Luckily, a wireless tire pressure monitoring system is an effective solution, and here’s how it works.

How Does a Wireless TPMS Work?

Your car has many safety features, including tire pressure monitoring systems. It is a driver-assistance technology that uses specialized sensors that go onto each wheel to detect the tire pressure levels. The system goes onto the tire’s valve system and takes the readings, which are fed back to the car. In case there are any pressure fluctuations in any tire, the sensors will detect them, and the driver will receive an alert on the dashboard. The battery-powered sensors send radio signals to the car anytime the pressure levels change and send you a warning light.

Types of TPMS

A wireless tire pressure monitoring system uses sensors to detect tire pressure fluctuations, which come in two forms: direct and indirect.

Direct TPMS

This system takes readings in real time based on the state of the tires. Sensors attach to each wheel to monitor the current pressure levels, and then the system transmits the readings to the vehicle wirelessly, sending warning alerts to the dashboard in case there are changes.

Indirect TPMS

Unlike the direct tire pressure monitoring system, indirect TPMS doesn’t use sensors to detect air pressure. Instead, this system uses speed sensors to check how the wheels spin. The basic principle behind this is that when tire pressure reduces, it will immediately start rotating faster than usual, and this is how the alert is sent to your dashboard.

You Can Rely on a Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System

A wireless tire pressure monitoring system is a crucial safety feature for your truck. This is why you need a dependable company to install a system that will surely keep you safe while on the roads. Invest in a wireless TPMS today!

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